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Morecrofts partner with a number of quality mechanical contractors to enable us to provide combined services packages on projects of all types, sizes and in all locations in England. We partner with mechanical contractors on 90% of our tenders and have built up some fantastic relationships with these contractors over the last 12 years.

M&E project values have ranged from £1.0 million to £10.0 million and are within our key sectors: commercial, industrial, accommodation, education and food industry.

Our mechanical partners are all long-established, quality mechanical services contractors who work in a similar way to ourselves and hold high importance to health, safety and the environment. They all provide a complete mechanical, plumbing and heating service and are supported by great history, insurances and affiliations/accreditations.

When engaging us to provide a tender for M&E services we work hand-in-hand with our partners and provide a fully comprehensive combined offering free from missing interfaces. The only difference between using Morecrofts and its partners compared to a combined company is that we need separate purchase orders.

With an individual history of providing great service at competitive prices we do not have a weaker discipline, unlike a large amount of fully combined services contractors. We also tend to support our service with an interface agreement, provided by our partners and ourselves, to indemnify clients and provide them with security for split orders.

Clients benefiting from our split order partner approach include

Our partnering contractors include

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